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Is it painful?

This will depend on individual's sensory level but it is definitely tolerable. A layer of soothing cream will be applied prior to treatment to lessen any pain. Most of the time, my clients  will sleep through the entire process.

How many type of eyebrows technique you offer?

Despite all the fancy name out there, there is actually 2 types of major technique. 

  • Powder type (draw with eyebrow pencil looks)

  • Stroke Type (fine line which imitating real eyebrow hair)

* we are offering both, depends on your needs.

Who is not suitable for brow treatment?

  • Diabetic patient (daily jab needed)

  • Pregnant ladies

  • Keloids  (skin overgrowth after scratch/cuts)

* please consult beforehand if you have any other than the ones mentioned above.

How long is the downtime?

Approximately 7 days, from the first treatment date.

How long is the progress for first timer?

In order to deliver the optimum results, we will need extra time to design the most suited brow. Designing and work progress will take about 3 hours.

* Time may vary depending the brow

How long it can last?

1 – 3 years. Would suggest to retouch every year to maintain the best result, as the color will fade gradually according to the normal skin metabolism progress.

Factors that might affect the lasting effect:

  • Skin care product

  • Frequency and deepness of make up

  • Exercise routine

  • Oily skin type

  • Chemical peel/whitening facial treatment

  • Darker skin tones but keen on choosing lighter color brow

Pre-treatment rules

  • Ensure you are not under any special medical treatment

  • No existing skin issues (skin peel, rashes, wounds and etch)

  • No acne around eyebrow area

Post-treatment care

For the next 7 days, please AVOID:

  • Picking or rubbing treated area

  • Direct sunlight

  • Intensive exercise

  • Swimming

  • Steam-bath/sauna

  • Heavy make up or skin care around brows area until it is completely healed

* Follow your normal diet, do not take food which you are allergic to even before any embroidery treatment.

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